Sundays at the Clinic

Sundays At the Clinic

Although I am currently working at another clinic three days a week/10-12 hours a day, my Sundays at the Clinic is still in place.

It’s hard to leave home.

Home is where the Heart is.

The Clinic is where it began. Where the mid-life crisis compelled me to change careers and guided me towards answering an ad which led to meeting a boss who was intrigued by my transition and hired me on the spot. It’s taking a year of hard work, commitment, dealing with the drama of unpredictable co-workers and also an unpredictable boss.



It’s comfortable
The culture, the way things are done (or should be done), the co-workers, the lunches ordered, the snacks raided in the snack closet, SO vs Royal Canin, Prednisone vs Prednisolone, Cerenia vs Convenia (um…which one burns again?) are comfortable.

The new job, at the other place is not.

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