All humans have some form of damage.

Physical damage marks the body and usually has no bearing upon others except an occasional reaction if the damage is extreme. I doubt the scar on my foot left by the stitches received after stepping on a broken bottle could cause anguish to another, but you never know.

Spiritual and mental damage, are fractures lodged beneath the surface within the soul and brain. Both thrive incognito. While physical damage can be dealt with, ignored, surgically altered or covered up with clothing or make-up, the latter is not easily disguised. Counseling, acknowledgment, and professionally prescribed medication (once the trial and error stage is over) are some good treatments while denial, self -medication with drugs and/or alcohol are not. How one chooses to deal with the damage greatly affects those around them. Sometimes lack of health insurance plays a deciding factor.

Spiritual and mental damage.

Damage begets damage.

Imagine the damaged inflicted on the receiver of a person’s damaging words?