Binds that hold…

These  friends I have known for about 30 years…

We are still connected.

We met at a State University located in Fredonia, NY in the eighties when things were cool and black was the colour in NYC.

We met at separate times.

Two of the three, I went on interesting dates with.

With one…

I was picked up in a station wagon straight out of the Brady Brunch set  and whisked off to a dance club. It was a fun date and no, we did not kiss, hold hands, or get crazy in the backseat. He later came out. He was always out but proceeded cautiously, for the world back then was not accepting as it is somewhat now.

The other

sent secret notes with a flower to my dorm room. We eventually connected, where upon he visited me and ate a bowl of cereal while we conversed. I thought he was strange…but so was I. We were together as couples were, back then when knowing a person mattered.

I met the friend of the other for she was extremely close to him. She carried within her soul a sacred light filled with calm and joy, but back then, she didn’t know it and neither did we, for the light was an ember that had yet to ignite.

I know not what else to say except ..

We are still connected.

What connects is always questionable and at times suspicious but in this scenario the connection is valid for it has endured time and space.

Not sure why…

for we have gone our separate ways, down paths some winding more than others. We all have starved, or better yet lived the life of a “starving artist”  in different cities at various times. Eventually we were able to eat, which led us to where we are now, with different careers and lives in different cities and…

We are still connected. 

Us thirty some odd years ago…





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