Un pensamiento de la manana

Attended a pastoral training workshop last weekend and it was a breath of renewal and a “skip outta my comfort zone”. The workshop was informative and invigorating as was meeting new people and hearing other points of view. I also contributed with my points of view and it was accepted. No criticisms, corrections or judgements. A nice feeling-a nice prompt to continuing “skipping”.

Familiarity is a safety net but it’s not necessarily a healthy one. One might fall through a hole in a neglected net, while a healthy net will cradle and nurture. If one’s environment does not nurture, stimulate or encourage growth then it’s time to search for one that does. This not mean abandon the old environment, rather accept it for what it is and loosen the dependency. Nuff said-babies need to walk.

2 thoughts on “Un pensamiento de la manana

  1. Well said. I found a healthy safety net in, of all places, a church. Wow, I didn’t see that coming! But stepping out of my comfort zone has been freeing — and nurturing.

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