Busy with the business of busyness…

Sundays At the Clinic

It has been a while and excuses I can give for not blogging…

But I won’t.

Busy, Busy, Busy and yet throughout the business of busyness my muchness has shriveled up and is tucked inside mi alma, seeking refuge and trying to refuel as the business of busyness continues to grow and overwhelms my mind, my body but not my soul which is mi alma.

I still love the animals and strive to be the best technician who looks after them. People in this field annoy me and always will. Motives are weird and I wonder at times if making money is more important than actually practicing medicine. Or does the paying client with the scheduled appointment have preference over a stray cat hit by a car and left to suffer in a cage as the paying client’s needs were met?

And later, about an hour later, he was finally…

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