Tumor, Tumours…

Sundays At the Clinic

Sundays at the clinic are routine with exams, blood work, cleaning and no surgeries. My quest for an additional part-time job did yield two hires and two resignations within a month’s time. In other words, I now will stay away from one-doctor practices and if a doctor does not inflate an intubation tube prior to surgery-RUN!!!

I went from damn good values and hardcore work ethics with my current position to horribly bad in terms of practice ethics, lack of aseptic values, and price gouging to name a few. Professionalism and code of ethics were not the values of the two disgruntled doctors I was unlucky enough to encounter. Details of blatant disregard of OSHA standards as well as personal safety need not be recorded in my blog. I know what was abused and neglected; my readers do not need to know. For those who would like to know, be…

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