Sundays At the Clinic

A year and three months have passed since my transition to this profession.

What a transition!

At times, it is difficult to allow myself to feel proud of accomplishments gained along the way. Doubt is a hurdle to overcome and confidence gets the job done.
Such as placing my first catheter!! 1532014_10204886386265207_188078449729168483_n

Although, the catheter was inserted at ‘the other place’, the head tech at the clinic was instrumental in igniting my confidence to do this in the first place.

During a fill-in day prior to a dental surgery, the head tech shared her experience with me in placing catheters and shared a valuable trick, which has to do with a thumb and a vein. She demonstrated her technique by placing a catheter on lamb and I made two attempts on the animal for the procedure and almost got it on the first try but doubt and apprehension took over. 20140906_091029


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