“Where’s the Beef?…or “No More Moo”

“Where’s the Beef?”


Oh boy do I remember those Wendy’s commercials of the 80”s. Truth be told, I wasn’t a big Wendy’s fan. Burger King and White Castles were my favs. Whopper Jr with onion rings or 4 White Castle burgers with fries.

Hebrew National Hotdogs, cheese, milk, sour cream, yogurt and yes…CHOCOLATE are/were my favs.


Until a dear friend, whom I consider my niece, did a horrible thing.

She posted THIS, yes THIS, on my FB page.  (Caution for empaths or those who love animals-this is brutal!)    *THIS*

Initially, I did not look at it but I had trouble sleeping that night and reached for my phone to check out FB and there it was. I viewed the video and cried me a river.giphy

No living sentient being deserves this treatment!!

I know.

My inner critic said, “Wake up and start living in the real world! This happens all the time and not just to animals-People suffer too!”  milk

The world will not be controlled and rendered civilized just from the prayers I send to HIM and I for one, cannot change the world-heck I have trouble changing my scrubs!

What I can do is change myself.

Not outsiders.

Just me.

Currently, I consume two kinds of meat: Cow and Pig.

At this moment, in the present, I do not eat cow or anything that comes from a cow. Eventually I will abstain from buying leather goods (thankfully, I found a non-leather shoe store).baby.jpg

Hopefully and God willing, I’ll be able to move onto eliminating pig, turkey, chicken and so forth.


It must be done slowly and with careful planning and gradually till the change is not a change but an everyday norm.imgres

It’s what I need to do to make a difference even if there really is no difference on the grand scale of things. It’s out of respect for the wonderful animals we have on this planet.





*All images from the WWW-Hey, I live in the city not on a farm…with cute cows!!!!

I will not eat what I examine…

The owner and DVM of the practice where I work eloquently stated those words prior to a surgical procedure and of course, it got me thinking…later…at home after a glass of wine.

The clinic is a small animal practice, and in my five months of working there I have assisted in the treatment and examination of dogs, cats, hamsters, and a rat. So yes, I would have to agree with him in not eating those animals.


Pigs, cows, sheep, veal, chicken, fish, pork chops, spare ribs, hamburger, meatloaf, fried chicken, baked chicken, salmon, catfish, trout-Oh My.

I tried to be a vegetarian- it fell through less than a week.

A vegan once used the scare tactics of describing the butchering process of cows and the toxins and hormones released once the animal knows death is approaching.

Mind you, he decided to have this conversation with me as I chomped on a well-done burger with tomatoes and lettuce.

I listened, nodded my head and continued to consume my burger.

An interim pastor at our church stated she would not consume animals or fish with eyes.


Off with the head!!!

As much as I adore animals of every kind, except mosquitos, becoming a vegetarian is not in my future.

I will cut down drastically on my consumption of meat and try to purchase only organic. If there was a way to know how animals are butchered, I would research and locate the facility with the least traumatic and inhuman method and purchase products from that company.

Until then, even though I know, Meat is Murder I will continue to eat it.